1. Getting Started
  2. IdentityHub Documentation

Getting Started

IdentityHub Documentation

This document aims to be a comprehensive guide to IdentityHub. Help and support for IdentityHub specific questions can be found at the Kenoxa Issue Management System.

Using the IdentityHub

After starting the IdentityHub server either by executing it locally or as a service, open a browser on the configured host and port (i.e. to open the Altair Playground, if IdentityHub is configured to expose it (config section graphql.exposePlayground). You will see a login screen where you have to provide your username and password to authenticate against LDAP (see the ldap.auth section of the config).

GraphQL Playground

Afterwards you can explore the docs and GraphQL schema by expanding the bar on the right side, create your own queries and execute them. The playground offers further features like modifying headers, executing scripts before or after requests, formatting, the creation of collections of queries and much more. Please see their documentation here.

GraphQL Playground

Configuration Manager script

Check your configuration for potential problems before you run IdentityHub.


Some questions are frequently asked. If you have a problem you should check this out first.